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Hyundai FCAW Flux Cored Wire SF-71, AWS A5.36 E71T-1, 15kg/spool, Dia. 1.2mm

Hyundai FCAW Flux Cored Wire SF-71 15kg, Diameter 1.2mm and E71T-1 AWS Classification



  • Type : Rutile
  • Industry : Shipbuilding|Steel Fabrication
  • AWS : A5.36 E71T1-C1A0-CS1 (A5.20 E71T-1C)
  • JIS : Z3313 T49J 0 T1-1 C A-U H10
  • EN : ISO 17632-A-T 42 0 P C 1

All position welding of building, shipbuilding, bridges, machinery and vehicles.

Characteristics on Usage
SF-71 is a titania type flux cored wire for all position welding with CO₂. Compared with solid wire, spatter loss is low, bead appearance is beautiful and arc is soft with good stability.
Slag covering is uniform with good removal.

Notes on Usage
① Proper preheating(50~150°C)(122~302°F) and interpass temperature must be used in order to release hydrogen which may cause cracking in weld metal when electrodes are used for medium and heavy plates.
② One-side welding defects such as hot cracking may occur with wrong welding parameter such as high welding speed.
③ Use 100% CO₂gas

Welding Position


Shielding Gas
100% CO2

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