Distributor Pertama Mesin Las Weico / Weiro dan Marine Surabaya ( Perlengkapan Kapal Surabaya)

About Us

ANUGRAH DUTA NIAGA was established on March 15, 1995 in indonesian Surabaya City. Over the last 24 years in business, we have become a leading provider welding machines and marine equipment in shipyard fabrication , Car body fabrication , Metal plants, Welding Machine maintenance and services.

In the past 24 years we are also has serve needs for over 200 plants, 10 shipyard company, and 100 Car body company.

We take pride as a company that is capable of furnishing all the welding equipment, marine equipment and complete problem in a timely with cost efficient manner.

We take a very hands-on, pro-active approach to all after sales. We believe in one-on-one interaction and maintaining a constant dialog with our customers.

Our superior product is :

  1. WEICO Welding & Plasma Cutting Machine
  2. CLEMCO Sand Blasting & Accesories
  3. WELDCRAFT Tig Torch & Accesories
  4. ARCAIR Gouging Torch & Electrodes
  5. HYUNDAI Welding Consumables
  6. Rental Machine CO2 Welding ( Tig & Mig ) & Plasma Cutting
  7. Aluminium Welding Wire, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel
  8. VICTOR Gas Cutting & Accessories
  9. KOIKE SANSO Gas Cutting & Accessories
  10. Service Welding Machine
  11. Marine Equipment
  12. etc.