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Airbag For Ship Launching



Dimentions & Drawings

Airbag structure
The structure Nanhai No. 1 gas-filling rubber airbag for ship is shown in Fig. 4. It consists of a bag body and end-iron component. The bag body is made from vulcanization of base rubber and reinforced fiber material. The end-iron component is made of metal materials and connected to the bag body firmly.

1.Hoist and handling airbags: They can be widely used for handling the various large prefabricated reinforced-concrete products( such as caisson, box culvert, bridge), oil drilling equipment and integrated building, etc. ?
2. Floating and filling airbags: The corresponding buoyancy can be offered on the client’s request during wreck salvage and underwater installation operation. Filling and floating gasbags can be flexibly combined for wreck salvage, pontoon bridge installation, dock, above water transmission pipeline, etc. in many ways such as cabin occupation , etc.
3. Water supply and drain airbag for ship: It is widely used for water supply and drain engineering for large-size, medium-size and small –size ships, with labour-saving, time-saving and physical force -saving.
4. Mandrel airbag: It can substitute for the wooden or steel mandrel used for pouring hollow large reinforced concrete structure.
5. Container airbag: It can be used as the gas or liquid storage and transport container.

Nanhai No.1 airbag characteristics:
1.High strength:
2.Wear resistance and anti-aging:
3.Good air tightness:
4.Safety and reliability:
5.High kneading & compressing resistance and damping capacity:

Airbag specification and performance

The bearing capacity at work pressure is calculated as follows:
Where: Q—Bearing capacity of airbag;
p–Work pressure of airbag;
S–Frontal projected area of contact surface.
The width, B, of the airbag’s contact with a heavy object or ground when the airbag is pressed to certain height, H, (See Fig. 7) can be calculated according to the following equation:

    Specifications Air-bags for Marine Use


Airbag usage notes
overpressure control
Strictly control the operating pressure, overpressure is forbidden
Avoid extrusive object
Make sure no hard extrusive object on the contact surface in case of break of airbag.
Avoid distortion and impaction
Avoid distortion in the length direction through rolling and avoid impulsive load after gas charging.


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